Develop specialised expertise with our courses

Our English courses focus on the four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing to help you to use the English language more effectively. Our specialist courses are for students looking to follow their passion, further practice and experience, and refine their skills before going to university or starting a career in these areas.


Choose from wide range of courses and add-ons

You can choose any course or add-on that matches your interest. Our add-on options offer 2 sessions per week in the activity you are choosing and replace activities/excursions. Our courses are full-time, 15 hours per week and replace the English language teaching.


International Business

Our International Business course is ideal for ambitious young individuals eager to delve into the world of global commerce in London

2 campuses

Global Business & Leadership

For all aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs we have created the Global Business & Leadership programme.

2 campuses

Classic English

Our Classic English course uses a fun and motivational approach to learning, getting students excited about speaking English while experiencing different cultures through their new friends.

7 campuses