Global Business & Leadership

For all aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs we have created the Global Business & Leadership programme. This is a specialist programme led by lecturers and professional teachers, combining practical tuition and business visits students will learn about what it takes to build, market and succeed with a business.


Key Facts about Global Business & Leadership

  • Practical course content with project work and presentation
  • Lectures on scaling a business from start up and attracting investment, confidence building, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Includes a whole afternoon guided company visit in London
  • A specialist programme led by lecturers and professional teachers
  • Age range: 14-18
  • Minimum English Level: Intermediate
  • 2024 Dates: 30 June - 14 July, 14 July - 28 July, 28 July - 11 August


The Global Leadership Programme takes place at the University of Westminster (Harrow) Campus. There is a full social and activity programme that accompanies the course with students mixing with many nationalities from different courses. The sessions will be taught by experienced lecturers, and will include relevant topics on entrepreneurship. The course also includes an exciting company visit in London.

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Students will receive 15 hours of lectures and sessions with professional teachers, will work on an exciting group project and learn about the latest business trends. As well as this, students will go on a guided company visit in London for a whole afternoon.

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Company visit in London

Visit London's start-up hubs, meet business owners and learn about how the start-up community works in London.

Westminster Walking Tour

See the most famous sites including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

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