Deciding Between Homestay and Residence?


A home away from home?

A break from home to push a few boundaries?

At Bayswater, we celebrate diversity and understand that everyone has different preferences when traveling abroad to study.

Our accommodation options are handpicked. We do this to make our students feel comfortable and looked after. Being close to schools as well as the sights and sounds of the city being visited is also a must-have. We’re about the whole experience – upskilling, making connections, and experiencing the world.

If you find yourself agreeing with more than 3 points in the list below, that's likely the option for you.


·       Looking for a home-like environment, with a supportive family-like structure.

·       Eager to practice English every day, all day!

·       Deep-diving into local culture with individuals who live and breathe the location life.

·       The smell of a homemade meal makes your mouth water.

·       Love being around people.


·       Looking for a taste of curfew freedom.

·       A space to call your own.

·       Enjoy the company of others but need time to recharge your social batteries.

·       Curious about the experience of living independently.

·       Interested in trying out university life firsthand.

Bayswater Summer is around the corner, whatever your accommodation choice, our programmes, and locations are the perfect backdrop for a life-changing experience.

Live a life less ordinary, live a Bayswater Summer.

Contact us today.

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