Excursions & Optional Trips

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Excursions are an amazing opportunity for students to learn about the local history and culture as well as to have fun with their new friends. At Bayswater Summer, we offer a wide range of excursions to fun, cultural and historical destinations. Excursions vary by centre and generally include an activity or admission to a local attraction, such as a visit to a world heritage site, a walk around the historic sites of a nearby city or spending the day at the beach.

Excursions are led by Bayswater Activity Leaders with a ratio of one adult per twenty students. Activity Leaders are specifically trained on how to escort groups on local walks and excursions. Leaders ensure the safety of the students, as well as provide them with information on the excursion destination and the main sights.

Excursion Outcomes

Excursions provide great learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Students learn about British life, history and culture while developing their language, and learning important life skills.

Safety Supervision

The safety and well-being of students is always our top priority. Activity Leaders are specifically briefed on road traffic safety, and procedures in the event of an emergency. Risk assessments are carried out on each excursion site before they take place. While on an excursion, it is requested that all students wear their lanyard with ID card and the Bayswater 24/7 emergency phone number.

Optional Excursions

If you or your students would like to further customise their stay with us, we offer the opportunity to book optional excursions or entrances at an extra cost. At each Bayswater centre, we offer a variety of different destinations and attractions which can include anything from a trip to the local cinema to visiting a nearby theme park or beach. This range allows students to experience what they are most interested in. Optional excursions can be booked at the centre. Our onsite team will advertise which optional excursions are running each weekend and students have time to think about what they want to do and can pay for the excursion directly in centre. Each trip costs between £5/7€ and £65/€75, depending on the destination and activity.

Excursion Customisation

If you would like to customise the standard Bayswater excursion and entrance programme, please contact our Sales Team who will be pleased to help.